Breast Health Specialists of Oklahoma

A New Chapter

Dr. Frame taking a patient's blood pressure

Greetings to all my patients and friends of Breast Health Specialists! As this crazy 2020 year ends, I’m including this personal note to you to announce some changes for 2021.

No, I’m not retiring!!  Though I have heard that rumor too many times. In fact, I am starting a new chapter for Breast Health Specialists:

We have a new website

We’ve completely re-designed and updated our website, with new photos, videos, bios, and testimonials, and have made the website much more mobile-friendly. Many thanks to Emma Frame Street, and to our production team, Goose and Gander, for the video and photo content.

We're adding more staff

As you know, we’ve always focused on timely, compassionate, personal care at Breast Health Specialists.  I think our new website reflects that mission.  In order to continue that focus and serve more patients, we’re increasing our staff at BHS.  In addition to Sonya and me, we will soon have two medical assistants, a dedicated ultrasound tech, and a nurse practitioner.  (Some of you from time to time will be seen by the nurse practitioner instead of me, but rest assured that I am close at hand for review.)

We're collaborating with ocsri

We are collaborating with the large medical oncology group, Oklahoma Cancer Specialists and Research Institute (OCSRI).  Many of you have seen the medical oncologists in that group, who have provided outstanding care to our patients.  As part of that collaboration, we will have additional surgical privileges at Ascension/St. John Medical Center in Tulsa, and work with the new Ascension/St. John Comprehensive Breast Center.

We are not moving!

Our BHS office practice in the Citiplex Towers will NOT change. We’ll continue to perform surgery at both the Oklahoma Surgical Hospital and Saint Francis Health System and continue to primarily use the Saint Francis Comprehensive Breast Center for imaging.

I’m excited about making these changes to continue care that you’ve come to expect from BHS. Here’s to a Happy and Healthy New Year!


John R. Frame, M.D., FACS